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Robert A. Harrington, MD The Bob Harrington Show

Robert A. Harrington, MD, is chair of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University and a former president of the American Heart Association. He cares deeply about the generation of evidence to guide clinical practice.

When not focusing on medicine, Harrington dreams of being a radio commentator for the Boston Red Sox.

The Bob Harrington Show is a podcast series of thoughtful interviews and discussions on topics at the core of cardiology and the practice of medicine.

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Latest Articles by Bob Harrington

  • The Career Pivot: Leaving Clinical Medicine   Bob Harrington talks to two former colleagues who made a mid- and senior-career switch to pharma and digital tech, respectively. How did they make this decision and what advice do they have for others?
  • Top Cardiology Trials of 2022   Trials on heart failure, hypertension and lipid-lowering drugs, and the evolution of antithrombin and antiplatelet therapy are discussed in part 2 of cardiologists Bob Harrington and Mike Gibson's annual review.
  • 2022 in Review Through a Cardiology Lens   In part 1 of their annual review, cardiologists Bob Harrington and Mike Gibson discuss in-person meetings, wearables and AI, COVID lessons for medical research, and the growth of RCTs from China.
  • What Do We Know About Long COVID: A Cardiovascular Focus   Drs Bob Harrington and Betty Raman discuss the cardiovascular impact and long-term sequelae of COVID-19, the potential biology behind multisystem effects, and ongoing research.
  • Do Older vs Younger Docs Treat AF Differently?   Do cardiologists from the AFFIRM generation treat AF less aggressively than the EAST-AFNET generation? Bob Harrington and Jonathan Piccini discuss this and upcoming trials on atrial fibrillation.
  • A Diversity Scorecard to Teach, Not Shame, Cardiology to Do Better   Dr Bob Harrington talks with Drs Michelle Albert and Eldrin Lewis about the Association of Black Cardiologists' diversity scorecard for cardiovascular training programs.
  • The Medical Student Teaching Medicine About Structural Racism   Robert A. Harrington interviews LaShyra Nolen, a medical student and the 2021 recipient of the American Medical Student Association's Racial Justice in Medicine Award.
  • New Revascularization Guidelines: Key Points and Controversies   Bob Harrington interviews fellow cardiologist Jacqueline Tamis-Holland, vice chair of the recent ACC/AHA revascularization guidelines. She lets us inside the process and responds to the controversy.
  • COVID-19 and the Heart: Is Cardiology Ready?   Robert Harrington, MD, interviews Ziyad Al-Aly, MD, about his recent paper in Nature Medicine focused on the long-term cardiovascular effects of COVID-19.
  • COVID and CV Public Health Trials 2021   Trials on lowering salt consumption and treating hypertension in the community impressed Drs Harrington and Gibson in this discussion of the best public health research of 2021.