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John M. Mandrola, MD

Chief Cardiology Correspondent. Clinical Electrophysiologist, Baptist Medical Associates, Louisville, Kentucky


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  • Five Thoughts on the Damar Hamlin Collapse The cardiac arrest of Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin has led to speculation about commotio cordis and more, but one electrophysiologist sees an opportunity for education on CPR and AEDs.
  • Mandrola’s Top 10 Cardiology Stories of 2022 A few dogmas felled, wins for meds, an exemplary trial, and clinical trends good and bad are covered in John Mandrola’s annual wrap up of cardiology stories for 2022.
  • AHA 2022 STRONG HF: More Beats Less After Discharge for Heart Failure Rapid uptitration of meds after hospitalization for decompensated HF was associated with a reduction in death or hospitalizations. Can health systems do the intense early management, asks John Mandrola, MD.
  • AHA 2022 Is Iron Replacement in Heart Failure Worth the Trouble? The data from IRONMAN don't persuade this cardiologist that the additional burden outpatient iron infusions would place on patients with heart failure and low iron are worth it.
  • AHA 2022 HCTZ vs Chlorthalidone -- A Win for Practicing Doctors and Science In the Diuretic Comparison Project, hydrochlorothiazide held its own compared with chlorthalidone as first-line hypertension agent despite U.S. experts' preference for the latter -- a lesson for us all, writes John Mandrola, MD.

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  • Who Decides What Is Medical Misinformation? A California law against COVID misinformation may have good intentions, but medicine is replete with consensus recommendations that end up being wrong.
  • Why Is Vitamin D Hype So Impervious to Evidence? Low levels of vitamin D are linked to myriad health conditions, but supplements have never delivered in a randomized trial. Why aren't clinicians and patients persuaded by the data, asks John Mandrola, MD.
  • This Doc Still Supports NP/PA Led Care … With Caveats The rise in nurse practitioner- and physician assistant-led care will not be undone, according to this doctor who sees it as a good thing as long as training and experience are not neglected.
  • Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Concerns Demand Respect, Not Absolutism With more reports of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis, parents and young adults should be allowed to weigh the vaccine decision with their clinicians without being tarred as antivaxxers.
  • Why Long COVID Worries Me Researchers and clinicians focused on long-haul COVID or postacute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection should remember our oath to first, do no harm.